Burch Corp. WorkersBurch Corporation is a construction and service company specializing in refrigeration and HVAC applications. With offices in Birmingham, Atlanta, Tampa, and Fort Myers, and with a strong customer base in the commercial, institutional and industrial areas, our mission is to meet all of our customers’ needs in the refrigeration and HVAC fields. Whether your need is construction, service, or equipment maintenance, we deliver solutions and services that are unmatched.

As a licensed general contractor, mechanical contractor, HVAC contractor, and electrical contractor, Burch provides turn-key design / build projects from -30 F blast freezers to simple storage coolers and HVAC upgrades / change-outs.

With offices in three states, Burch is capable of meeting your needs without  geographical constraints. Our staff is able to respond promptly to all your needs wherever they may be.



Burch Corporation’s roots began in Birmingham, Alabama in 1947. We started our business with three things: a service truck, a set of hand tools and our own ideas on how our customers should be treated. These customer service philosophies, which haven’t changed and which still hold true today, include:

  • Do good work at a fair price.
  • Always meet your customer’s needs.
  • The job isn’t finished until the customer is totally satisfied.

This philosophy paid off in work well done and customers well satisfied, and Burch Corporation has flourished.

Today, Burch boasts over 100 dedicated employees and has a modern fleet of vehicles to handle any refrigeration, HVAC service, or construction need you may have.  Burch Corporation still operates on the principles established at the time the company began. The customer is still our first priority.